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  • Review of notifications and notices in the tax mailbox for your attention
  • Tax regularization of previous years
  • Prepare accounting records in relation to the economic activities of the company
  • Calculation and determination of provisional and annual tax obligations
  • Preparation and interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Proposal for tax benefits in accordance with current regulations
  • Updating of relevant issues in the accounting-tax field


  • Coordination and preparation of annual budget
  • Preparation of scenarios and financial projections
  • Develop financial organization model and strategies
  • Preparation of operating cash flow
  • Financing management for working capital or investment
  • Analysis of financial ratios to increase profitability


  • Preventive and administrative collection management
  • Supplier payment schedule
  • Analysis and Implementation of payment policies
  • Expense control implementation
  • Customer billing process
  • Control and management of bank accounts

Payroll Management

  • Event log
  • High, low and movements of personnel
  • Payroll calculation
  • Calculation and verification for withholding and payment of taxes (ISR, IMSS, INFONAVIT, FONACOT, etc.)
  • Disabilities and work risks
  • Dispersion of remunerations through a subaccount of the client’s payroll
  • Preparation and stamping of payroll receipts, as well as collecting corresponding acknowledgments
  • Presentation of informative variables

Labor Legal Services

  • Preparation of any required labor documentation
  • Preparation of internal work regulations
  • Recording of administrative acts
  • Management of resignations and dismissals
  • Calculation of settlements and settlements
  • Negotiation of termination of employment relationships

Human Resources

  • Recruitment and selection of administrative and specialized positions
  • Analysis and management of labor compensation plans
  • Organizational reengineering
  • Agency for suppliers of work environment and satisfaction
  • Consulting for performance evaluations

Added value
for the workers

As part of our experience in the field of payroll administration, we extend the added values ​​that we give to the employees of all our clients.

Consumer loans
and payroll advances

Added value services

  • Support in any event or training activity.
  • Management and administration of insurance (Medical expenses, Personal accidents, Life, Cars, House).
  • Services and Operational, Financial and Risk Administrative Management.
  • Supplier management for the implementation of NOM-035 and NOM-36.
  • Technology licensing and outsourcing.
  • Financing and leasing products.